The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies is an international educational community through which established horror writers, directors, scholars and curators celebrate horror history and culture with a unique blend of enthusiasm and critical perspective. We have regular classes in London, New York and Los Angeles, as well as hosting special events worldwide.

Class Citations: Monster, Vampire, Cannibal: Queer Horror and the Gothic

Dr. Laura Westengard was kind enough to share a list of all the sources she referenced in her Miskatonic NYC class Oct 15, 2020. Photo: Ron Athey, Self Obliteration I & II in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2011. Photo by Miha Fras Books/Articles Caruth, Cathy, ed. Trauma: Explorations in Memory. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins, 1995. Caruth, Cathy. Introduction to […]

Enchanting Technology: Making, Hacking, and the Occult Imagination (LA online)

Mon. Dec. 21, 2020

Magic and technology share a deeply intimate relationship to the human experience as they are both methods that use tools to gain control over nature and ourselves. The magician and the both attempt to break open conventional ways of working with the forces that shape our lives. Magic is, indeed, a kind of spiritual hacking: They are opening the machine of the universe to understand how it works and bend it towards a new purpose. And when magicians and artists use technology to explore the occult imagination they reveal new ways of enchanting our lives. Based on the research from Peter Bebergal’s Strange Frequencies, this multi-media presentation will take participants through the history of how human beings have attempted to interact with the otherworldly using technology.


Sat. Oct. 10, 2020

Join us for a scenic tour of Mexican genre cinema guided by Morbido Fest’s head programmer, Abraham Castillo Flores as part of the inaugural NIGHTSTREAM Festival. Delving beyond luchadores and psychotronica, Abraham unearths the monsters that fomented a distinctive but barely acknowledged corner of our cinematic consciousness.

Miskatonic Institute: The Shadow Over Lovecraft (archival class) from Miskatonic Institute on Vimeo.

THE SHADOW OVER LOVECRAFT archival class now available to watch free online

Sat. Oct. 10, 2020

With guest speakers Matt Ruff (author, Lovecraft Country), Victor LaValle (author, The Ballad of Black Tom), Ruthanna Emrys (author, The Innsmouth Legacy series) and longtime Lovecraft scholar Peter H. Cannon, moderated by author, lawyer and Miskatonic Board member Rodney Perkins. This is a recording of a panel that took place at Miskatonic NYC on April […]

LIMITED TIME! GLOBAL PASS available for ALL THREE Miskatonic branches

Sat. Oct. 10, 2020

For a limited time (only through Weds Sept 16 at 7pm UK time), we are offering our first-ever GLOBAL PASS, which gets you access to ALL classes at each of the three branches. This 12-class global semester pass includes all monthly classes curated by Miskatonic London, LA and NYC and available to watch worldwide – […]