SHOCK TILL YOU DROP interviews David Kerekes about “It’s Not Real, But It’s Reality”

Our friends over at US-based horror site Shock Till You Drop have talked to David Kerekes in advance of his class this Thursday. Here’s a tease:

“If you look back to the ‘snuff’ film panic of the mid 1970s, the rumors followed a very specific model: ‘snuff’ films were said to be films that featured a genuine murder, and that these films were created and sold for the sexual gratification of a very select and wealthy client base. The rumors by and large went unchallenged – well, they certainly didn’t go away once they had taken hold in the media, and the Hollywood imagination and that of society as a whole, despite no evidence of a ‘snuff’ film being found. What impact do these rumors have on society? I don’t mean in the sense of a moral panic, but what long-term impact? How do we answer those rumors? Well, one answer it seems to me is to create ‘snuff’ films of our own – albeit fake ones – as per the custom shoot.”

Check out the full interview here: