Miskatonic “SATANIC PANIC” class inspires the play “B.A.D.D. (Bothered About Dungeons & Dragons)”

We’re thrilled to discover that some folks who were at our SATANIC PANIC talk/book launch in October 2015 were inspired to create a play based on the events discussed in it – and the play debuts this March 1-5 as part of the Vault Festival!

See the full details below:

Hermetic Arts presents
BADD (Bothered About Dungeons & Dragons)

1 – 5 March 2017
9.30pm -10.30pm

The 1980s. America is gripped by Satanic Panic.

Secret rituals and devilish practices are taking place across the country, destroying the minds and lives of the American youth. But the most diabolically terrifying threat of all is Dungeons & Dragons: for some just an innocent role-playing game, but viewed by many as a gateway to corruption, violence, and SATAN. Thankfully, the forces of good are fighting back…

You are invited to attend this inaugural meeting of B.A.D.D. (Bothered About Dungeons & Dragons) to learn how best to protect your children from the clutches of the occult.

Written and performed by Carrie Marx, BADD is a darkly comic presentation on the multitude of Satanic threats hidden in seemingly innocuous everyday objects and media. It is part theatrical lecture; part participatory brainstorming session.

Inspired by true events.


Tickets: vaultfestival.com/badd

Twitter: @Hermetic_Arts

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/225441767916525/