Farewell to co-director Virginie Sélavy

Miskatonic London simply would not exist without Virginie Sélavy. It would never have gone from an “I wish” idea to a reality and thrived for the last three years without her dedication, enthusiasm and curatorial guidance, not to mention her own brilliant lecturing (which you can see more of in her four-week course on Surrealism and the Cinema at Close Up in March – details HERE). Over the past three years she has overseen dozens of lectures, been host to a legion of special guests, and managed my comparatively poor operational skills with unruffled professionalism and poise.

As she leaves us to focus on her highly-anticipated book on Sadomasochism in Cinema and her magazine Electric Sheep, I just wanted to extend a giant THANK YOU to this remarkable woman who brought so much to Misakatonic, who I will forever be indebted to and in awe of, and I wish her the best on her book and all her other projects.

– Kier-La Janisse