Photos: Horror Express Bus Tour – Fantasia Edition!

In conjunction with the Fantasia International Film Festival, film writer/producer/programmer Kier-La Janisse mounted her second Horror Express chartered bus tour, this time through Montreal horror film locations – co-hosted by longtime horror journalist Mike Gingold and presented by the Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies and Spectacular Optical Publications. Stops included the houses from Of Unknown Origin and Cathy’s Curse, ‘Crawford Academy’ from Happy Birthday to Me, Starliner Towers from Shivers, the building where Karen Black plummets to her death at the beginning of The Pyx, brutalist landmark Habitat 67 from The Disappearance, the Consec Building from Scanners, the hospital from Visiting Hours, the antique shop from Le Diable est parmi nous and the Guaranteed Milk Co. milk bottle from Sweet Movie. Plus we got to drive by the Buckminster Fuller-designed Biosphere, as seen in Robert Altman’s Quintet, as well as the Seigneurs bridge from George Mihalka’s The Blue Man, and even got a peek at amusement park La Ronde, a location from Mihalka’s decidedly non-horror sex comedy Pinball Summer.