Maisha Wester

Maisha Wester

Maisha Wester is an Associate Professor in American Studies at Indiana University, Bloomington, USA. She is currently a BA Global Professor visiting at University of Sheffield. She is author of African American Gothic: Screams from Shadowed Places (Palgrave, 2013) and Voodoo Queens and Zombie Lords (UWP, 2022) and co-author of Twenty-First Century Gothic (with Xavier Aldana Reyes, 2019). She is also the US Book Review Editor for the international journal Gothic Studies (EUP).

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A black and white photo of a white woman lying on a divan, with the shadow of a black man on the wall behind her. AMERICAN VOODOO: FICTIONALIZING HAITI TO MEDITATE ON US POLICY (London Online)
Tue. Feb. 9, 2021 - 7:00 pm GMT - 8:15 pm GMT

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