DEAD CELLULOID: A Brief History of Zombies in Cinema

Date(s) - Sat. Mar. 12, 2011 - Sun. Mar. 13, 2011
12:00 pm GMT - 5:00 pm GMT

Blue Sunshine



Saturday March 12 + Sun March 13 – Noon-5pm

The dead are among us, and always have been, since the dawn of cinema. From the parasitic, hollow eyed drones of the expressionist era to the monsters of Monogram studios, up through the atomic 1950’s and fully kicking into gear with the the cannibal corpses of George A. Romero; international pop culture’s fascination with zombies has resulted in some of the most relevant and defining works that horror genre has to offer. RUE MORGUE RADIO head honcho Stuart ‘Feedback’ Andrews will take you on a two day journey into the black, putrifying heart of darkness with this exciting, lively and shuddery history of the living dead on-screen.


Since 2005, Toronto based film journalist Stuart “Feedback” Andrews has been a regular contributor to Rue Morgue Magazine and a spoken word contributor to Rue Morgue Radio where he’s interviewed many of the horror genre’s most celebrated figures.He studied film at Toronto’s York University and was a student of influential genre film critic Robin Wood (Hitchcock’s Films). Excerpts from his career retrospective interview with legendary filmmaker George A. Romero appear on the special features of the Weinstein Company’s 40th anniversary DVD reissue of Night of the Living Dead. He’s also the host of CKLN radio’s long running weekly film show Cinephobia Radio.