Date(s) - Sat. Oct. 10, 2020
12:00 pm CDT - 2:00 pm CDT

Abraham Castillo Flores


In an effort to unite forces in the midst of COVID 19’s many challenges this year, and to provide U.S. genre film fans with a unique and dynamic virtual festival event this Halloween season, organizers from the Boston Underground Film Festival, Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, North Bend Film Festival, The Overlook Film Festival, and Popcorn Frights Film Festival have teamed up for a collaborative virtual festival experience called NIGHTSTREAM running from October 8-11, 2020.

Nightstream and Miskatonic are proud to co-present this repeat of one of our most popular classes – for the first time online! Please note this is a special event NOT included in NYC Semester passes, and takes place in US Central Time.

For decades, Mexican fantasy and horror cinema hid in the shadows; wearing a luchador mask, surviving budgets tainted by economic gloom, holding vampires with a nylon thread, receiving the scorn of near-sighted critics and consumption by audiences sunk into tongue-in-cheek appreciation.

But things have changed. Over the past two decades there has been a clear rise in the amount, quality and risk found in Mexican horror and fantasy cinema. It is not by chance that today, in the midst of a horrifying reality, Mexican genre films enjoy popularity, freedom and sometimes, profitability.  As if that were not enough, our beloved national genre warrior – Guillermo del Toro – has recently been knighted by Hollywood.

Join us for a scenic tour of Mexican genre cinema guided by Morbido Fest’s head programmer, Abraham Castillo Flores. Delving beyond luchadores and psychotronica, Abraham unearths the monsters that fomented a distinctive but barely acknowledged corner of our cinematic consciousness.

We will revisit the origins of Mexican fantasy and horror cinema and examine its development through the 20th Century and the start of the 21st.  Along the way we will meet the filmmakers and performers responsible for these celluloid nightmares. Some of these films can be questioned but rest assured, anything they lack is compensated by their sheer honesty and passion.

In parallel we will dissect national legends and traumas that have been continuously reinterpreted by our national filmmakers that stand as a reaction to the tragic reality that Mexico is now experiencing.

Who would have thought that stories filled with wailing legends from our pre-Hispanic past, starved female vampires, Aztec mummies, monk ghosts, child practitioners of the dark arts and tropicalized sci-fi Queens, would become part of our cultural heritage?

Photo courtesy of the Collection of Fundación Televisa 

Special Thanks to Evrim Ersoy, who facilitated our first presentation of this class at Fantastic Fest 2019.

MORBIDO CRYPT’S GUIDE TO MEXICAN FANTASY & HORROR CINEMA @ NIGHTSTREAM October 10th 2020 from Aullidos Panteoneros on Vimeo.