Working the Blue Rose Case: Signs, Codes, and Mysteries in David Lynch’s ‘Fire Walk With Me’

Date(s) - Thu. Dec. 8, 2016
7:00 pm GMT - 10:00 pm GMT

The Horse Hospital

Maura McHugh

£10 advance / £11 on the door / £8 concs

FIRE WALK WITH ME (1992, directed by David Lynch and co-written with Robert Engels) was created to address unanswered questions in the seminal TV series TWIN PEAKS (1990-91), but instead it offered more puzzles and dream narratives to confound viewers. Its premiere in Cannes was met with boos and jeers from the audience, but over the years critical opinion of this challenging film has matured and developed. Maura McHugh will explore the symbols and themes that underpin FIRE WALK WITH ME and TWIN PEAKS, and will offer you a refresher course in its characters and strange happenings in advance of the new series of TWIN PEAKS which will materialise in 2017.