Date(s) - Sat. Sep. 22, 2012
2:00 pm GMT - 4:00 pm GMT

Film BOX (Quartiers POP)



Co-presented by Film POP

Since the early days of tent-bound magic lantern shows, music has accompanied the grand illusion of motion pictures. This lecture will not only discuss the history of musical composition in the horror film, it will specifically illustrate some of the finest examples of how music can radically accentuate and dictate an audience‚Äôs sensory and emotional connection to imagery. From the employ of “Swan Lake” in Tod Browning’s Dracula to the thundering symphonies in the British Gothics; from the romantic leanings of early 60’s European pictures to the brash post-mod rock in the Italian horrors; pop music, sparse electronics and note-heavy orchestras; we’ll speed through decades of sound, led by Fangoria Magazine editor and composer/filmmaker Chris Alexander.

Instructor: Chris Alexander
Chris Alexander has spent his life eating, sleeping and breathing movies, breaking only to obsess over music. He is the editor-in-chief of FANGORIA magazine, has released several collections of his own music, has written a book about movies he loves, and his first feature film – which he wrote, directed, co-shot, edited, composed the music, handled FX and even catered – BLOOD FOR IRINA will be released via Autonomy Pictures later this year. Visit Chris at www.chris-alexander.ca.


This class will also act as our annual free info session, where you can pick up schedules and find out more information about the 2012/22013 Miskatonic curriculum.