Getting the Fear: GHOST STORIES’ Andy Nyman in Conversation with Stephen Thrower (Lisbon)

Sat. Sep. 8, 2018

Andy Nyman , co-creator of the chilling new film Ghost Stories, talks to Stephen Thrower about the process of adapting the original stage play, ghost story traditions, and how to disturb the viewer. Pivotal to Ghost Stories is the notion of scepticism: why is the sceptic such an important figure in ghost stories? How can a film scare an audience who do not always believe in its premise? And how does one retain the ambiguity so important in the creation of uncanny moods?


Sat. Sep. 8, 2018

The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies, the world’s longest-running educational organization devoted to the study of horror history, theory and production, has just announced a new Los Angeles branch to complement those in London and New York. The new Los Angeles branch will be hosted at the Los Feliz headquarters of the Philosophical Research Society, […]

Live From Miskatonic: Joe Coleman – Stealing Fire: The Mastery of the Outsider (NYC)

Tue. Sep. 11, 2018

There is an intersection, by accident or intent, where the Master and the Outsider create symbols and works that mirror. There are places where The Master is unsure to go but the Outsider without the boundaries of convention walks into dangerous territory where the soul is confronted and everything is changed and what is a dream and what is real is combined and elevated. In this unique live conversation moderated by film writer and producer Heather Buckley, Joe Coleman will investigate a series of films and the ways that concepts of high and low art intersect in and around them.

Live From Miskatonic: Don Coscarelli in Conversation (LA)

Thu. Sep. 13, 2018

The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies is proud to open its LA branch with a career talk with one of the most important independent directors of American genre cinema, the man whose imagination brought us The Tall Man, whose KENNY & COMPANY and PHANTASM gave pre-teen genre fans an indelible image of empowerment in the form of actor Michael Baldwin, and who adapted the books BUBBA HO-TEP and JOHN DIES AT THE END into instant cult classics. With a new biography on the horizon – True Indie: Life and Death in Filmmaking, due out October 2 – Don Coscarelli has agreed to sit down with us at Miskatonic, and over the course of a three-hour illustrated discussion moderated by Dead Right Trivia’s Jared Rivet.

‘Dissecting New French Extremity: Xavier Gens and Pascal Laugier in Conversation (Lisbon)

Wed. Sep. 5, 2018

Due to personal complications that came up last minute for for both the moderator and one of the speakers,  this event has been cancelled – however Xavier Gens will still be appearing in person at the Portuguese premiere of his film COLD SKIN at 9:15pm and will be participating in a Q+A following the film. […]